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Tattoo Beat Messiah
Born in 1972 on a small island of the south coast of England, Nick Bailey came into the world. Raised on a diet of TV, comic books, lazy summer days and Black Sabbath!!!! Nick soon found his path in life. Learning to draw from an early age, he put this to good use drawing designs all over himself, much to his mother's horror. Now after years of blood, sweat and tears Nick is the proud owner of a top class studio - Tribal Urge. Over the last fourteen years he has worked along side some well known names in the trade, at shows in Europe and back at home.He also has had work published in some Tattoo magazines and has been filmed for TV. Nick offers a full range of custom work as well as flash designs to suit all his client's tastes.So if your thinking INK why not drop him a line.


Profile Link: http://www.TattooArtists.org/TattooBeatMessiah

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